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CineWhoop Micro FPV Drones

Safe, nimble and most of the time weighing under 250 grams, we use this to get the high-risk and up-close shots. We are able to use a Hero 6 - 8 depending on the needs of the shot.

Prop Guards for proximity flying, small profile for tight gaps, lightweight

Flight Time:

3 - 8 mins

Max Resolution:

4K 30fps

Pivot FPV Drones

A "Pivot" drone is a FPV craft that can keep the HD Capture camera at a seperate angle from the FPV camera. Allowing the HD footage to remain at horizon even if the FPV Drone is speeding up or slowing down.

Flight Time:

3 -6 minutes

Max Resolution:

5K 30fps w/ Reelsteady

4K 60fps w/ Reelsteady

Other Options:

Dual Operator configuration is possible to allow the director to see exactly what is happening plus stetch the limits of what is possible with a FPV Drone

5'' - 7'' Cinematic Racing Drones

Need speed plus agility? We have you covered!

Flight Time:

High Speed = 3-5 minutes

Cruising Speed = 10-20 minutes

Max Resolution:

4K 30fps w/ ReelSteady

5K 30fps w/ Hypersmooth

DJI Inspire 2 + Zenmuse x7

Quite the powerful combo alongside the dependability of DJI. Trusted among the higher-end cinematic gigs we shoot to be able to blend seamlessly with todays industry productions. When using this platform with a dual operator setup, you are sure get more than what you could imagine.

Single or Dual Operator, Super 35 Sensor, 14 stops of Dynamic Range with multiple lens options.

Flight Time:

20 - 30 mins

Max Resolution:

6K CinemaDNG / 5.2K Apple ProRes

FPV Cine-lifter

The next step for FPV Drones to become a staple of aerial video capture. Capable of carrying a Komodo, Zcam, or BGH1, this craft stands out from the packin the FPV world.

Flight Time:

3-10 minutes depending on payload

Max Resolution:

Payload dependent - Komodo, Zcam, or BGH1

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