ITSY sub100g Cinematic Whoop - Plug n Play PNP (Pre-order)
ITSY sub100g Cinematic Whoop - Plug n Play PNP (Pre-order)
ITSY sub100g Cinematic Whoop - Plug n Play PNP (Pre-order)
ITSY sub100g Cinematic Whoop - Plug n Play PNP (Pre-order)
ITSY sub100g Cinematic Whoop - Plug n Play PNP (Pre-order)

ITSY sub100g Cinematic Whoop - Plug n Play PNP (Pre-order)

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Secure your pre-order now.  Next batch starts shipping early August.

Now you can choose your build.   The ITSY compatible with the new Walksnail Moonlight 4K camera system and also DJI 03 system with standard antenna.

*This item is a Plug and Play drone and is ready to plug in you selected VTX and bind to your radio, but does not include the DJI 03 Air Unit or Walksnail Moonlight*

Each ITSY is hand-built to order and custom tuned and test flown before shipping out. Please allow 3 to 5 business days from in-stock notice or order date for shiping.


This build consists of:

1x ITSY Frame + Rotor Guards

1x TuneRC: Poly F405 2S-4S AIO
4x Flywoo: 1003/14,800kv motors
8x Gemfan 45mm tri-blade props
1x ELRS 2.4ghz RX

2x Linear ufl micro antennas

ITSY was imagined and designed by professional FPV pilots wanting more performance in all conditions, with more flight time and more real features than any other micro cinematic platform.

Join us and fly new lines with a micro unlike anything out there.  From intricate close-ups to low sweeping landscapes: dive through the tiniest of gaps, float over miniature obstacles and dance through narrow pathways to find unexpected perspectives... or go big for smooth lines and chases.

Do it inside, outside, calm or windy: with friends or on set.  We've created ITSY to give you confidence and professional footage anywhere your adventures take you.


Trust in Every Frame: A unique camera pod and vibration dampening design, locks the camera, VTX and battery in a carbon frame and isolates it from motors and vibration for jello-free footage.  This allows internal rocksteady stabilization for wide angle perspectives or minimal stabilization in Gyroflow.

Cruise or Boost: Itsy's adjustable platform lets you fine-tune your flight strategy.  Designed for filmmakers with a flexible battery mount system and motor configurations to allow over 5 minutes of real-world flight time and rapid shot resets.  This enables the perfect balance of duration and power for every setup.

Spry By Design: A monocoque frame design creates the rigidity needed for precise flight maneuvers and the geometry design allows footage with no frame in view, even with zero or negative camera angles. In addition, Itsy's generous flight controller bay allows a range of flight controller options and makes component access simpler for quick and convenient access to your electronics, making tinkering and adjustments easier.


Adapt and Chill:  The Itsy’s unique carbon cage design accommodates both standard and naked DJI 03 air unit variants, as well as Walksnail VTX’s.  No flimsy plastic here. And, whether using a standard DJI 03 air unit or naked variants of VTX’s for higher performance, you can keep cool and composed with an optional integrated cooling fan, helping to keep things cool under pressure:


Break Barriers Not Cameras:  From heart-pounding dives to tight proximity flying-  Itsy's carbon backbone allows you to explore with more confidence and take risks with less fear of damaging expensive cameras and VTX’s. Armor designed to preserve your artistic eye.


Professionally  Minded:  And ITSY doesn't just stop there; it embraces safety and compliance while opening up new flying opportunities with it's built in nano GPS mount and optional rotor shields to give you confidence flying over people and crowds, while adhering to FAA regulations.

 Tune & Frame Assembly Guide


• Monocoque frame design
• Vibration dampening Pod design
• Carbon backbone for /VTX protection


Length: 125.7 mm
Width: 125.7mm
Height: 36mm


36g dry frame weight.
Final AUW based on specific components and build.
Sub 100g requires naked 03 Air unit.


45mm props
1--3 / 1102 10k-14,800kv motors
1003 / 14,800kv recommended

 Flight controller

Minimum F4 / F411 / F405
25x25mm AIO (polyRC F405 recommended)
Betaflight flight software
and ESC's running 48khz PMW  

FPV equipment

Fits most Digital FPV systems

•DJI 03 Air Unit
(standard or naked versions)
• CADDX Walksnail (Full size or lightweight)

TuneRC: Poly F405 2S-4S AIO
Flywoo: 1003/14,800kv
Gemfan 45mm 3 or 2 blade props

Footage Processing

Utilize DJI Rocksteady internal stabilization (EIS) or external processing in Gyroflow

Additional Info

Suitable for 2S powertrain

** Flight time of 5+ minutes is achieved with 1003/14,800kv motors with naked 03 Air unit and GNB 720mah 2s LiHV batteries landing @ 3.4v/cell.

Tools of the Trade

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