MOJO Cinematic FPV Drone w Prop Guards
SPYDR FPV MOJO FPV Drone w Prop Guards
SPYDR FPV MOJO Pivot Cinematic Drone
MOJO Cinematic Drone FPV Camera
SPYDR Cinematics MOJO - Single Operator FPV Cinematic Pivot Drone (BNF)
MOJO FPV Drone designed by SPYDR FPV
MOJO - FPV Drone designed in California
SPYDR Cinematics MOJO - Single Operator FPV Cinematic Pivot Drone (BNF)
SPYDR Cinematics MOJO - Single Operator FPV Cinematic Pivot Drone (BNF)

SPYDR Cinematics MOJO - Single Operator FPV Cinematic Pivot Drone (BNF)

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Meet the MOJO, the worlds first integrated FPV "Pivot Drone" with nearly 180 degrees of camera movement.

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Designed for the next level in cinematic FPV by professional pilots. This FPV drone  redefines aerial cinematography with the ability to change camera perspectives while flying.

Unlike traditional FPV and consumer drones, the MOJO has been designed specifically to allow a wide range of camera tilt with nearly 180 degrees of motion and frame geometry that allows no props in the cinematic view.

Full control is in the hands of the single operator pilot while flying and MOJO can easily switch between preset stabilized or un-stabilized camera positions, with timed transitions for versatile cinematic perspectives and transitions.

We also offer the "Naked" frame kit which includes just the frame and Pivot Gimbal.



Fly under or around locations and targets with the ability to look straight up, while also getting unobstructed views that look nearly straight down in the same flight! This FPV craft will have you re-thinking how to approach shots with a whole new list of maneuvers at your disposal.

Nearly 180º of clear GoPro camera view that blurs the line of what is possible! 

MOJO Pivot FPV Drone 


Choose or tweak your camera angle to hold position during flight. Maintain framing when accelerating, decelerating or even flying backwards. This allows you to hold your lines like never before. The "Pivot" aspect of this craft allows the pilot to assign knobs and switches to truly customize how they want to capture the shot.

MOJO FPV Drone flying backwards


Designed for versatility: in seconds you can drop in FULL DUCTS for slow and cinematic flight, LOW PROFILE DUCTS For flights in wind and PROP GUARDS For high performance. While the prop guards affect flight characteristics very little, you can also just remove them all together when safety isn't a major factor.


Modular ducts for Cinematic FPV options


In addition, the design is modular for field swappable components as well as accessories for most GoPro models to keep you flying and capturing. Ensuring that the prepared pilot will never be limited by adapting to the unknown. 

SPYDR Frames FPV Pivot Drone

Other Features

- CNC Frame Locking for durability and frame resonance

- 12mm and 16mm Motor Mounting Options

- 4mm bias Carbon arm design

- GoPro 6/8/9/10 Mounting options available

- Professionally Tuned and Tested

- Dual Operator Configuration options 

This BNF (Bind and Fly) FPV Drone Includes:

1x SPYDR Cinematics MOJO Frame w/ Digital Gimbal

4x Camera Butter Cinematic Motors

1x Drone Theory approved Flight Controller + ESC stack

1x DJI Vista Video Transmitter with Full Sized Camera

1x SPYDR Cinematics SpikeCap (Capacitor + Spike Abosorber) 

4x Gemfan D90 90mm Propellers


Our Bind and Fly items (BNF) are Professionally built and tuned, ready to capture mind-bending shots. They include premium cinema grade  motors and components and feature the DJI FPV digital video transmitter. 

Your custom built drone may take up to 10 business days to ship, depending on the queue. This is mostly because we take the time to fly each drone to approve for "on set" use before shipping. Each craft that leaves our shop is inspected and approved to our DRONE THEORY standards. 

Please select your radio protocol and prepare your mind to fly differently!

For the best results, we suggest using ReelSteadyGo to process the HD video from the GoPro. 

We suggest 1250-1600mah 6s LiPo batteries for this BNF setup.  

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